Long before the project design being taken into construction stage, architectural rendering could easily and directly provide you with a vivid presentation effect and an accurate foresight about how the architectural design will look like in the future, by using computer generated software to produce photo-realistic CGI (Computer Generated Image) as per the precise CAD drawings and other concept design descriptions.


  • 3D animation, which is also named 3D walk through or 3D fly through, is a short architectural movie created by 3D computer-generated software. A virtual building world will be firstly created along with specific shaped and fixed size/scale constructed building model, as well as virtual landscaping around the target building(s). Unlike an architectural rendering, which is a still image from one single point of view, an architectural 3D animation is a series of hundreds or even thousands of still images. When these images are assembled and played back as per a predetermined script, in accordance with a virtual movie camera path and computer-created textures, lighting effects, it can present designers and stakeholders with a more flexible and dynamic way to get the best realistic overview of the project design.


  • New technologies being widely used after Shanghai’s World Exposition enables audiences to experience high technologies. The perfect combination between entities and digits and the amazing visual and auditory feeling are widely applied to large-scale enterprise exhbition halls, real estate enterprises showrooms and government exhibition halls.


As per a predetermined making scale, physical model will be manufactured and assembled to a small project design sample by using materials easy to process for the sample making, lively presenting the design concept and its space relationship.

  • Architectural scale model is a well-combined existence between 2D presentation of CAD drawing design and the actual 3D relationship of the exact project space size. Physical model can give pinpoint accuracy and superb detailing, which is helpful for architects to achieve a better design by using scheme model. This specialty differs itself from other project design presenting ways. Meanwhile, physical models are vastly used not only in concept design stage, bidding presentation, but also in commercial exhibition and city promotional display, etc.


  • Taking advantage of computer interactive technology and digital communication network technology to deal with a variety of media text, graphics, images, videos and sounds, an interactive system is being well integrated to handle a variety of information with a logical connection, and this interactive system is generally referred to as Interactive Multi-media. Interactive multimedia technology brings a new feeling, a new experience that have never can not be imagined, and a lot of multi-media technology is widely used in all kinds of exhibition halls, such as museums, science exhibitions, corporate showrooms, and all these exhibition halls are termed for the Multi-media exhibition halls.