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Founded in 2004, formerly known as the "Guangzhou city of computer image design Co., Ltd.", in November 2012 officially changed its name to "Guangzhou Tianyi Digital Technology Co., Ltd.. Its include: Guangzhou days tomorrow headquarters, laborers company, company of Yuexiu, Nanning company, synergy model, model factory, now has more than 360 employees, which technical staff of more than 300, mainly to provide digital visual and creative services, digital platform for the development of the creative and production services, entity display creative services. Business covering film and television animation, multimedia exhibition Chen, architectural visualization, digital city, virtual simulation, physical model and other professional fields.

Recruitment post:

  • Architectural rendering: rendering, post division, and trainee

  • [information] Education: college or above work experience: not limited to the work place: Guangzhou

  • Job duties: responsible for the scene construction scenery, lighting, material, color processing job requirements: proficient in 3DMAX, Photoshop and other related software production; have strong ability to comprehend and experience with rich render and post production, outdoor and indoor redering is preferred; major in architecture is preferred.

  • Architectural features: model teachers and students

  • [information] Education: college or above work experience: not limited to the work place: Guangzhou

  • Job responsibilities: responsible for building modeling, scene production and other requirements: familiar with AutoCAD, 3DMAX software, proficient in AutoCAD, SKP. Able to read architectural drawings, good three-dimensional space imagination.

Interested candidates please send your resume to, please send your resume in the following format (Department + Post), thank you!