Students Visiting

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Students Visiting

In the afternoon of November 19, 2014, a group of youthful students came to visit our TEAM-E head office. They are majors of Art Education from the Guangdong Artistic Vocational College of Foreign Language and Foreign Trade, who will soon graduate from college into society. TEAM-E is attracting a group of Trainees who are of youthful, passionate, creative and possessing the idea of artistic beauty.

Came to the show room with great excitement and liking their first time to in the cinema, the students firstly watched the promotion video of TEAM-E, then Mr.Wang Xuejin, the Marketing director, made a brief introduction of TEAM-E by PPT presentation. He also made a Q&A section for the students to have a better understanding of the company.

After the presentation, our director of the Human Resource showed the students around the creative environment of our Technical Departments, from which they could watch & know how our technicians operating their works. At last, they took a group photos as a memento before leaving.








We TEAM-E has confidence in selecting excellent and potential students and cultivating them from basic software application to visual innovation and art design style, who will not only bring a better originality and aesthetic feelings for our creative team, but also would create more extraordinary works for us.