2015 the second "day cup" of the next games

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Here comes the basketball game. All the players started to move at the referee's whistle. Look at him, He makes a deceptive movement after he gets the ball, and the ball is just like a little kid under his control. Then he’s running with the ball but unfortunately, one player in the opposite team stops him and takes away the ball. He feel discouraged and sits on the floor, with chest heaved rapidly, breaths in and out heavily, and continue to flush with excitement. After a while, I could see his smile with confidence and stand up refreshed. Again he gets the “baby” under control then races to the basketball stand without any hesitation and shots. Along with the action, I can see the path which the ball moves and the sweat on his forehead, glaring with sunshine on it. But he misses it again as the ball touches the basketball hoop. It doesn’t fall! He’s disappointed of course but also gets ready for the next offense…

Everybody’s jumping up to get the ball.

Men are sweating in the game, exhausted but happy, isn’t it?

Players in the opposing team must be attracted by his graceful movements, or they shall move. - -#

Players from Yuexiu branch are ready to enter the field, let’s cheer them on!

Boys and girls from Yuexiu branch are smiling with vigour!

Look at us, what a warm and harmony family!

Players from overseas team are ready!

Let’s cheer for the animation team members’ victory!

Here are the 2 referees!

Players are competing hard with the principle of competing comes after friendship!

Players in both teams are entering the field since the game is starting.

We are family members more than company employees!

Players raced straight forward like a arrows when the starting gun fires!


It’s an exciting relay race. We sweat but gain health as return!

Besides handsome guys, there’re beauties as well. See? They’re running like agile rabbits!

Kids also want to take part in the game. Hey, run towards the sun!

We all enjoy the happiness from this sports meet and remembering competing comes after friendship. And this is also a chance for team members to feel and to understand that we are a group, a big family. Hopefully every one of us can make his/her life wonderful in TEAM-E.