The 1st TEAM-E Basketball Game officially ends

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In order to keep the team vibrant and energetic, TEAM-E organized the first Basketball Game on Jul. 2014 at western area in South China University of Technology. Quite a big squad took part in the game and finally divided into 8 teams and some members for cheer team besides that. Every two of these teams are playing against each other in the basketball court, bringing all members the high interest. All the cheers and laughter seems still echoing around us.





Animation department team had nice teamwork and shooting skills, showed us their real power in the final match and won the 1st place in spite of the small score difference between them and the 2nd team.

Yuexiu team was always considered in the favorites and was qualified for that. Players in purple clothing keep moving and offensive time and time again from which you can feel their power and good teamwork. Although they finally got the 2nd place because of not enough strength for playing 2 games continuously, they deserved it.

Huagong office team members were wearing yellow which indicates passion. Compared with the other teams, they’re only doing not that good at shooting. However, they played their best and gave us a wonderful impression, specially the three-point shot.

Have a look at our lineup of the 8 teams together.






We’re the champion!!!



During the halftime, members from Qiaochen office team are discussing strategy in order to fight back in the second half of the game.

We’ve got the 3rd place and enjoyed the game.

See how sweet our group is.

Pictures for excited final game.

Nice shooting, steady action and graceful bearing.

Cheer team were quite nice!

We all enjoyed the happiness from this games no matter what result we got, also we believe that our team members can feel and to understand our company culture better, making their lives wonderful in TEAM-E.