Student Company Visit

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In November 19, 2014, three pm, Tianyi digital ushered in a group of youthful students, she (he) who is from Guangdong foreign language arts

The Career Academy art education professional students, will soon take the campus to the community, and the next day the digital building performance is to attract a group of young,

Passionate, creative, artistic beauty of the students.

College students, cheers a leap to multimedia experience hall, as in cinema, television commercials watched the next day number. Next

From the marketing department Mr. Wang Xuejin for the students to briefly introduce Tianyi digital, through PPT presentations and on-site Q & a,

Let the students understand and cognition of Tianyi digital. After preaching, the human resources department colleagues visited the Ministry of technology led the creation of the environment, the scene

Also watch the results of the actual operation of the post process. Finally, take a photo as a souvenir.