The next day the second session of the 2015 Cup games

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Du......" With the sound of a long whistle, we Tianyi digital group fierce basketball game started. Every company's athletes have been

Ready to recount a stride: he took the ball, turned 45 degrees feint a move, swing wrist began understanding and rhythm.

Basketball is like a naughty boy who has been in uniform. He has been jumping off his hand. He began to run the ball field, an inattentive,

Was stopped by the other side of the athletes. To break the invisible rope tied to the basketball, to take away. He was like a ball of gas,

Sitting on the floor like running gas. The chest quickly downs, mouth Dakoutaikou breathed, the face is red as the brilliant sunset Hongxia, I like

See his mouth raise a winning smile, he stands up in fine Fig. Baby ball again back in his arms, not the slightest

He hesitated, raced to the basket, gently toss throws a beautiful arc. I clearly see is full of sweat forehead,

After the sun's reflection is very dazzling, with a touch of sound box, the audience gave a sigh sound: again! He bit his lip,

Eyes covered with a layer of fog, but still staring at basketball, ready for the next attack......

Everyone is scrambling to jump, as if the basketball is like a strange treasure, ha ha