The Interecommunions with Crystal company

Publishtime:2015-12-23 丨 Read Count:9185

TEAM.E Shanghai office, pays highly attention on the technical team since established. Shanghai office has established the cooperation relationship on talent cultivation and development with the Crystals Training Institutions. Recently, under the guidance of Mr.Lu and Mr.Chen from Crystal Education,  students major in visualization have visit our Shanghai office. Leaders in Shanghai office has a warm hospitality to the teachers, and hold a meeting to communicate and discuss with them regarding to the trend of the industry, the development of the company, and talent cultivation strategy.


In addition, Leaders in Shanghai office have a interview with the students. After that, leaders informed the students that they will not require too much for the newly graduated students on their work. But after coming on board, we hope they can treat their work seriously and be initiative to learn, and complete each project with highly attention, strive for progress everyday, in this case, their skills could be approved by the technicians and customers as early as possible. Moreover, the students should keep learning new technology and developing their creative design style, keeping in mind to be more excellent among the students and become a technology elite talent in CG industry.