Introducing some Devices in Multimedia Exhibition Hall

Publishtime:2015-12-23 丨 Read Count:1576

1. Electronic sand table system:

Combining sand table model with computer intelligent display control system in the application of exhibition hall is a creative high-technology. It allows the public to understand the content showed in the sand table model in a vivid, fast and accurate way which means to effectively achieve the purpose to demonstrate to the public. It covers the needs of the viewer from the reality.

2. Holographic stereo image:

We can often see scenes in science fiction movies that people or objects in distance are projected in the air in the form of three-dimensional by using the three-dimensional holographic communication technology, just like scenes in movie The Star War. In addition, with the development of science, all of the devices are designed for miniaturization and precision, while the display device is unable to match with the development, thus human needs a new display technology to solve the problem.

Interactive projection system offers participants a real interaction with images projected on media such as ground and desktop. The system consists of three parts, the sensor, the application server and the display. With the combination of audience and advertising content, it enables several audiences to blend in with the advertising Scenario, like involving in a game together, to operate projections on the ground or wall by non-contact sensing device which is similar with a computer mouse to gain interaction.

4. Dome-screen projection:Spherical screen is a projection screen with the appearance similar with a ball and divided into 2 types as external projection (front) and inner projection (rear).Projection on the spherical screen is complete images usually composed from frames projected from 4 projectors through the curved edge correction and seamless splicing technology. Content played could be customized. 

5. Awning projection:

With the help of the a plan or curved roof, awning projection system can create a dynamic scene of blue sky and white clouds, and play video or image like movie, advertisement and so on.

6. Interactive images:

Transparent glass can also be interactive! Taking advantage of the advanced visual capture technology, we can use our fingers to touch, click, drag on the glass to control and enjoy the images and videos, feeling the sense of mystery and magic.

V-window equipment can project image onto normal glass in storefront then customer outside the store could click on the images. Equipment in shop could be induced by operation on glass to do precise positioning for the fingers and control images to match up with operations and then turn the normal vitrines into supersize interactive advertising touch screen.

7. Visual Reading system:Visual Reading system, also known as touch book, electronic book, and virtual e-book, is just like an open book with rich data. Readers can wave their arm to read from left to right or the other way round, to select chapter and search content quickly just like reading a normal magazine. This new visual Reading system, surely will brings us strong visual impact, sense of magic with huge amount of information.