Development Patterns and Solution of Multimedia Exhibition H

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The rapid economic devel opment has l ed to thedevel opment of i ndustry, elect roni cs , computer and ot herrel at ed i ndust ries . In theer a of information, digitalnet work,people's l ivingst andar ds have been i mpr oved,i nf or mationacquisi tion is al so more diversified and high-speed.

So, what is the multimedia exhibition hall? Multimedia exhibition hall, also called the multimedia digital xhibition hall, refers to the multimedia and digital technology as the display technology, attracting visitors with all kinds of new technology, and aim to realize the exhibition form of human-computer interaction. It is a comprehensive display development platform that combine various multimedia exhibition system, and its application including digital sand table, screen / arc screen / ball screen hall, electronic book and welcome screen system, interactive bar, interactive mirror and touch screen platform. It plays an important role in many modern large-scale exhibition activities,especially museum, science and technology hall, theme venues etc., which are with the high technical content of layout, achieving the integration of equipment and technology in large exhibition hall,so as to create a new visit experience, and improve its ornamental and explore interest.

   In addition, what are the means of multimedia exhibition hall? Mainly use the Ring screen & cyclorama &  folding screen to achieve a highly immersive and emulational visual environment to audience. With widely use in touch screen, digital sandbox, electronic book etc., the multimedia exhibition are more digital and networked, and meet the audience's favorite.Solution of Multimedia Exhibition Hall The application of solution of the multimedia exhibition hall is to build an extraordinary enterprise exhibition hall with gorgeous digital media, and create an unprecedented user experience with complete intelligence. In the past, the "technology + creative" world of multimedia exhibition only achieved by the world first-class companies such as Apple and Microsoft, but now it becomes a realizable wish for every enterprise because of the continuous innovation of multimedia information technology.   

    As the most intuitive publicity platform of enterprise image, to deeply impress the leaders and customers, enterprises hall and exhibition hall not only are clean in environment and bright in lighting, but also use advanced technology and ingenious ideas to show the enterprise image to public, creating all kinds of original experience that is received by the audience.The application of the multimedia information system of "science and technology + creative" have been an excellenta chievement display platform of enterprise hall and exhibition hall. With multi touch, 360 degree phantom imaging, LED large screen projection, high-definition media transmission and other advanced technology, multimedia information publishing achieve the interaction of speech, which have changed the traditional static reporting mode when playing the video, at the same time it integrates all digital media equipment including video, animation, graphics, sound, lighting and so on, and show the overall effect in a integrated intelligent way furthest to build a best new product exhibition platform for the enterprise. Through the application of a variety of practical technology, enterprise exhibition can easily integrate the product with the virtual

world, so as to fully display the core selling point of the new product, and every detail become appreciable and

interoperable to deepen the audience awareness of the product through the ever-changing new experience. In the

previous enterprise exhibition hall and exhibition hall construction, people regard the digital media as a technical

producer, rather than creative one. Multimedia exhibition hall combines digital media technology innovation and creativity. The construction of perfect exhibition hall that bring by the deep-level coordination of "science and technology + creativity", which gradually become a revolutionary symbol of the exhibition. As a pioneer of multimedia information system, we not only has a special general understanding of digital media technology, but also know how to combine these techniques with the real needs of customers based on the long-term service industry experience, and create the greatest benefits create the greatest benefits by more choices, higher value and better service.