3D desktop:put hand into the computer screen, farewell to 2D

发布时间:2015-12-23 丨 阅读次数:603

At the TED conference, the graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, Microsoft Intern Lee Jinha shows this new technology SpaceTop 3D.

In this 3D interface, users can handle "stretch" into the computer "screen", grab web pages, documents and videos. SpaceTop 3D contains a transparent LED display and two depth cameras: one of the camera tracking user's gestures, another camera tracking the user's facial position. Users also can use gestures to achieve more tasks.

But at present the biggest flaw is: keyboard. During the display, the keyboard entity seems to be a bit redundant, if you can get rid of the shackles of the keyboard, it will be more cool. After all, people are increasingly accustomed to touch based interactive devices.

Article from Vision China