Microsoft "immersive experience" new patent trigge

Publishtime:2015-12-23 丨 Read Count:1259

[China projection net information] A patent entitled "immersive display experience" was officially announced by the United States Patent Office last week, it was applied by Microsoft Corporation in early 2011. According to the patent document description, a standard video game system, through the connection to the "environmental monitor", it can project an "almost around the user" of the panoramic image.



Microsoft can use the technology to allow the display of the console game over the size of the TV screen, project a peripheral image in the room, to build a 360 degree view of the virtual scene for the users.

Working close with this set of display equipment is the depth sensing camera system, it may use optical sensing camera as Kinect does, or maybe more complex models. Mainly used for complete the multi-image capture, interior structure and layout perception and other work to assist the projection equipment for the color and distortion correction, so that the projected image could looks more real.



The main image will be showed in the television and other traditional display devices which placed in the room, and resolution of the environment images projected from this system will be lower than the main screen image resolution, but it does not affect the user experience. In addition, the projection of the image is not only the display of two-dimensional screen on the wall, but also can be more realistic effect through 3D glasses.

This is a patent that looks very science fiction, and may not be so easy to develop into a mature product. But as arstechnica, the first discovery of this patent, said that it can make us to rethink video games, and may even lead to a real game revolution.