Multimedia exhibition hall makes the "art" class l

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The advent of multimedia teaching, no doubt that it will makes art teaching more intuitive and more convenient. However, the art curriculum has its own unique knowledge structure and teaching content as well as methods. How to play the advantages of multimedia teaching in the course of art teaching, which needs further discussion.

With modern multimedia technology, facilitating the collection of teaching resources and enable students to produce more intuitive emotional experience, it is conducive for the development of students' personality, promoting teacher-student interaction and the formation of open teaching model. Art teaching is a form of plastic art, each class cannot be separated from the specific visual image, the image of the intuitive, often directly affect the teaching quality in class. Art class teaching has a lot of teaching content which needs intuitive picture data interpreted by modern multimedia technology. We can put the pictures, text, and even sound together, in order to enrich the teaching material content and complete the teaching task. With the development of modern multimedia technology, the popularity of the supporting facilities and related software, the effectiveness resources of the fine-arts class teaching will be more and more abundant. Students in art class, seeing the screen to produce pictures, will immediately interested. Especially for the world famous painter’s works appreciation, due to various constraints, many of the originals are unlikely to appear in front of us, which hinder the more in-depth analysis to the artist's works, style, genre and personality, when we get through the network to find the high resolution of the painter's works, using the characteristics of multimedia, we can intuitively get it close to appreciate, and through a variety of amplification, analog and separation of multimedia software technology support for careful exploration works. Also through searching related text information, enriching the content of the textbook, expanding their knowledge, forming a deeper level of understanding, interpretation the painter, finally leading to the soul talk between students and a painter or a master across historical time and space. For the art design major students in a certain stage class, they were first asked to the knowledge collection, then will organize the students to discuss and analysis this topic in class, finally, the teacher make evaluation summary. This is not only make class atmosphere more active, but also break the teachers speaking alone during class teaching, greatly superior to the traditional teaching, the teaching and learning integration!

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