Could Google Glass change CG Field?

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Could Google Glass change CG Field?

What does Google Glass mean? What could it be used for? According to the article posted by Megan Rose Dickey in Blogger BusinessInsider, it analsisd the possible for 9 fileds influenced by Google Glass. But in our topic, we only discuss about some fileds related to CG and let us also think of a question - Will it bring a new creative idea for 3D animation in CG filed ?

The content:

Google Glass makes the concept into realitic, which becomes the focus on public. Eyes is the direct tool between users and outside, It is significant to createGoogle Glass, which make the glass and users, users and internet more closely, visual images and data into reality show different kinds of application scenarios.

At the beginning, Google Glass without cellular wireless system, it could only be used in cellphone by bluetooth, 3G or 4G net. But until now, Google G;ass can do more such as to record video, message, translation and nevigation etc.Google Glass also would like to explore more application scenarios, such as toannouce API, compatibility for app from third party. Right now Google earth hassome disadvantage such as privacy, improvement for appearance, expensive.However, it is epoch-making product with potential to change the world. Belowis the CG fileds influenced by Google Glass, HollywoodGoogle Glass opened the door to film and video. Although currently a lot of peopleand other professional persons are using iphone to film, but Goolge Glass couldprovide first person's vision to make the video. Actually when Google showed theGoogle Glass at the first time, the impression of it is the 360 degree camera comparingto any other devices. Therefore, it predicts that Google glass can motivate more creativeideas for filming.

Buildings and Home RepairWe do not have to know rocket launching or the  pipe repair, but surely we have to figure out where it broked, which Gogle Glass is good at. Plumbing repairmancan file out the 3D rendering of the structure by Google Glass. In the meaning time,he also can communicate with the office while working, which make the work in highefficiency without wasting their time on holding it.

TravelGoogle Glass might be the guide for users in the future without the actual guide.Currently Google - Field Tip Apps already has been providing informations for manytravel resorts. By using Google Glass, travellers can easily lean the history in themuseum. Expecially they will not worry of lose by using the interior navigation.

EducationTo apply Google Glass into education has extensive and practical significance. Classmates can use Google Glass to brocast the lesson online for the sick classmates without distracting their attention. In addiction, classmates can searchthe answers and informations while doing cacluating. However, it also causes someconcerns to the school such as how to prevent cheating on the examimation ect. Butthe most important is that Google Glass can provide translating online for breakingthe gap on teaching in different languages.

AdvertisingGoogle mentioned that Google Glass has not been applied to advertising, butit does can change the way for us to receive the information and change thewhole advertising field. Therefore, brands and companies have to find out thenew way for advertising and brocasting. By searching data of customers fromGmail, search, Youtube and Google+, Google knows everything of the users includingwhat you are going to do, where you are going to and what you would like to purchase,which opens a door for accurate advertising based on location.Note: Quoted from Google Fans