Visual design for products,
Aimed at the use of graphics and other intuitive means,
Clear and effective communication and communication,
To form a highly efficient function, using the print shot, to complete the customer mission objectives.

Latest case

Project Title:Capi t al mansi on 3D br ochur e
Customer Service:Xi ngj i ang Junf a Real Est at e
Project Title: Sout her n cour t yar d
Customer Service: Henr y f ok gr oup
Project Title:Thi r t y- f our r i ver
Customer Service:Yuexi u Real Est at e
Project Title:ShanyuYaj i ng I pad mar ket i ng syst em
Customer Service: I nt er act i ve Mul t i - medi a
Project Title: Zhonghai Yucheng
Customer Service:Zhonghai Real Est at e
Project Title:Shunde Pol y I nt er nat i onal Fi nance Cent r e
Customer Service:Shunde Pol y Real Est at e
Project Title: Nansha yacht cl ub
Customer Service:Hongkong enr y Fok gr oup
Project Title:Nansha i nf or mat i on cons ul t i ng syst em
Customer Service:The gover nment of Nansha
Project Title:Royal sands
Customer Service: Capi t al Land
Project Title: Ful i sur pl us kay t ower
Customer Service:Guangzhou R&F Pr oper t i es
Project Title:Mi cr oMar ket i ng- Heavenl y Hu j i ng
Customer Service: