Before construction, decoration construction, through the construction drawings, the actual effect of the construction after the real and intuitive view of the performance. So that we can clearly see after the construction of the actual effect, to computer aided design (CAD) as the carrier, with creative architectural design and specification requirements. After the treatment of visual art creation process, final offer intuitionistic steric effect.


In recent years, with the development of computer software and hardware technology, a new technology is developed. 3D animation software in the computer first set up a virtual world, the designer in the virtual world of 3D models and scene according to the shape and size of object, according to the requirements set the trajectory model, the virtual camera movement and other animation parameters. Finally according to the requirements for model assigned a specific material and light. When all this is done, you can let the computer automatic operation, the final picture. Over the past 10 years, with the computer graphics technology in the architectural design, real estate projects in the field of marketing a large number of applications, 3D animation more and more shows its value in this field.


The wide application of new technologies in future generations, the perfect combination of physical and digital, visual and auditory shock. More to let the audience to participate in the experience of high-tech, is widely used in large enterprises, real estate enterprises, government exhibition hall, etc..


Easy to use materials processing in accordance with building design pattern or design idea, made according to the proportion of narrow samples, with its unique image of the design space, architecture and the environment art model between the plane drawings and the actual three-dimensional space. It put the two together, is a kind of three-dimensional model, the building model is helpful to the design and creation of scrutiny, can directly reflect the design intent, make up the limitations of the drawings in the performance. It is not only a part of the design process, but also belong to the design of a form of performance, is widely used in urban construction, real estate development, commercial housing sales, design bidding and investment cooperation, etc..


Using interactive computer integrated technology and the digital communication network technology to deal with many media text, graphics, images, video and audio, enabling a variety of information to establish the logical connection, integrated into an interactive system; this interaction system is almost to include called interactive multimedia. Interactive multimedia technology brings new feeling, new experience can't be imagined at any time in the past, a lot of multimedia technology is used in various types of exhibition, such as museums, Museum of science and technology, business exhibition hall and so on, they are known as multimedia exhibition hall.